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by: Catherine Butterfield
October 18 - November 9, 2013

directed by Craig Berger
produced by Linda Rodemaker and Steven Merkel

While on a promotional tour for her novel, Maggie Mulroney receives an invitation to visit her old high school boyfriend. Her interactions with Jim and his wife (also named Maggy) triggers bouts of uncomfortable self-analyses and awakenings. New York Magazine describes that through her journey "life and art come fluidly to interact as Maggie's instinct for the fictitious collides with a new-found yearning to relate to life with the immediacy of her newest, closest friend."

Lori Rohr as Maggie Mulroney
Edward Barnett as Jim Burroughs
Michelle Randag as Maggy Burroughs

Riya Aarini
Pat Daly
Marty Dean
Margie Gustafson
Linda Johnson
Kevin Taylor

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