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by: Neil Simon
January 20 - February 11, 2012

directed by Carla Mutone
produced by Dave & Lisa Dolnics

Neil Simon's "Rumors" starts its comedic journey when several affluent New York couples arrive at a Tenth anniversary dinner party to discover the hostess missing, the help is missing and the host has shot himself in the earlobe. Complications arise as the guests try to hide the information from each other, and eventually the police.

JoAnn Smith as Chris Gorman
Ken Kaden as Ken Gorman
Jennifer Ciombor as Claire Ganz
Vince Scalone as Lenny Ganz
Craig Gustafson as Ernie Cusack
Patti Shore Kaden as Cookie Cusack
Deven Ferber as Glenn Cooper
Julie Rodgers-Baker as Cassie Cooper
Tom Viskocil as Officer Welch
Traci Cidlik as Officer Pudney

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