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by: John Guare
January 16 - February 7, 2009

directed by Marge Uhlarik-Boller
produced by Jim Liesz

Set in Sunnyside, New York in 1965 on the day Pope Paul VI visited NYC, this black comedy features nuns, a political bombing, a GI headed for Vietnam, a zookeeper who dreams of making it big in Hollywood as a songwriter and his wife, a schizophrenic destined for the institution that provides the plays title. A play of hilarious absurdity and delicate, ridiculous dreams, The House of Blue Leaves is as timely as it is poignant.

Artie Shaughnessy... Lars Timpa
Bananas Shaughnessy... Linda Timpa
Bunny Flingus... Angelicque Cate
Ronnie Shaughnessy... Robert Richardson
Corinna Stroller... Holly Robison
Billy Einhorn... Douglas Orlyk
Head Nun... Marianne Bowles
Second Nun... Jo-Ann Ledger
Little Nun... Nikki Wilson
M.P./Person in White... Joe Bovenzi, Joan Posejpal & Dave Amato

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