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Becky's New Car

by: Steven Dietz
October 18 - November 9, 2019

directed by Carl Zeitler
produced by Renata Allelujka

Have you ever been tempted to flee your own life? Becky Foster is caught in middle age, middle management, and in a middling marriage--with no prospects for change on the horizon. Then one night a socially inept and grief-struck millionaire stumbles into the car dealership where Becky works. Becky is offered nothing short of a new life and the audience is offered a chance to ride shotgun in a way that most plays wouldn't dare. Becky's New Car is a thoroughly original comedy with serious overtones, a devious and delightful romp down the road not taken.

Susan O'Byrne as Becky Foster
Jamie Ewing as Joe Foster
Joshua Reid as Chris Foster
Todd Oakley as Walter Flood
Shannon Bachelder as Kenni Flood
Richard Bucchi as Steve
Betsey Manzoni as Ginger

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Becky's New Car

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